Source contributions

To make contributions to the omniORB source, you should subscribe to the omniORB-dev mailing list, and post your patches there. See . DO NOT submit patches to the SourceForge patch manager. Nobody reads it!

Your contribution is much more likely to find its way into the omniORB distribution if you follow these simple procedures.

  1. Post to omniORB-dev to say you intend to work on a feature before you start working on it. That way, you don't risk duplicating someone else's work, and we can all see how what you propose fits in with the rest of the plans.

  2. Make sure your code follows the CodingConventions.

  3. If possible, try to test on more than one platform, at least Windows and one Unix.
  4. If you change core ORB functions, test against the complete omniORB and ORBacus test suites, available from

  5. Post patches against the latest CVS contents on the branch you are working on, not the most recent full release.
  6. Post patches in unified or context diff format.
  7. If you are given write access to the CVS repository, you MUST NOT commit changes to the main omniORB / omniORBpy modules without prior consent from the module maintainer (Duncan Grisby).

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